Welcome to a world which has just two colors. This is retro-maze game where you will have to pass through 6 levels, each with new elemment comparing to the one that was before. For example third level has teleports and barriers, but level 4 has teleports, barriers and blinking platforms that will kill you when you step to them as well. This game has two color modes, Normal and Inverted. After you win all 6 levels, you can turn on wireframe mode. Each next level will be bigger comparing to the one that was before. Map is cut to some parts from level 3 so you'll have to use teleports to go to the other side, or sometimes deactivate barrier to go to the other side of map. Sixth level is cut to four parts of map, so... good luck with deactivating barriers and passing through enemies and at last, don't get caught by game... Exactly by one of game objects. Good luck if you want to play the game.